Get To Know The Staff & Board of Directors That Guide STARS' Mission!

      Kim Jameson

     Dr. Rod Vogl

Ms. Jameson is the founder of STARS, Inc. and is a community leader with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a background in cognitive neuroscience.  She has been a business owner, professional florist and event planner since 1990. She utilizes the skills that she has developed over her career to coach students with ASD. She provides the students tools and tips to improve their organizational skills, refocuses their attention to details, and helps to build their self-advocacy and communication skills. In addition, Kim has served on the Board of Directors and as President of several local non-profit organizations.  Ms. Jameson serves as the coach to the STARS students as well as the Chief Executive Officer to STARS, Inc. 

Dr. Vogl has a PhD in Human Experimental Psychology with an emphasis in Cognitive Processes. He has been a faculty member of CBU for the past 20 years and has served as the Chair of Behavioral Sciences from 2012 to 2018. In addition, he has served on the Student Disability Services committee for the past 26 years; the first 6 years were served at Kansas State University.  He has guided the program since its inception and is the Academic Advisor for the STARS students.  He serves as the Chair of the Board of Directors to STARS, Inc. 

Dr. Taylor has a PhD in School Psychology.  He has been a faculty member of CBU for the past 3 years. In addition, he is a licensed health services provider in the state of Tennessee.  He is also a Pediatric Fellow at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center.  He works as a  part-time psychologist at The Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities assisting in assessment and research related to Autism Spectrum Disorder.  He is a highly respected autism advocate in the Memphis community, actively involved in autism awareness and fundraising efforts.  He serves as the Secretary to STARS, Inc. and actively guides the STARS events and programs. 

     Dr. Colby Taylor

Ms. Ragsdale has a BS in Business Administration and a BSN in Nursing.  Her experience covers management, marketing, budget analysis and trending, operational oversight and personnel management in several areas of industry.  Her current position is as Nurse Manager at Baptist Hospital where she leads a large team of health professionals.  Her role on the Board of Directors is to guide STARS with her expertise in budget, organization, marketing and oversight. 

      Diane Ragsdale

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