Peer-led social activities foster personal growth, leadership, confidence-building and encourage the formation of meaningful friendships. Social events take place on Tuesday evenings, twice per month. Examples of events include; craft projects, game nights, and talent shows. 


The success of ASD college students relies on a strong support system, a team. The TEAM (Teaching Employment and Academic Mastery) Program provides individualized mentoring, tutoring, coaching, education planning, internship, career development and independent life skills to support ASD students. For detailed information about this comprehensive program contact us:

Inside Out with STARS

Maintaining healthy lifestyle habits are difficult for most college students​.  Many students experience enormous lifestyle changes, which may cause increased anxiety. For students with ASD, this is especially true. STARS is developing a program that is designed to increase overall health through participation in outdoor activities as well as hosting opportunities to learn and practice mindfulness techniques. 

Stewardship with the STARS

To create an ASD-friendly campus, STARS educates the campus community with techniques and strategies to better understand, instruct and appreciate the neuro-diversity of ASD. In addition, it is important that the STARS students recognize how fortunate they are and support others that are in need of assistance. We are partnering with local nonprofits in order to "pay it forward" through volunteering and community service. 

Reaching for the STARS- Research Program

For more than two decades, most federal funding for autism research went towards finding the cause and cure for autism. Unfortunately, there have not been any definitive findings and this phenomenon continues to grow. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), in 2016, 1 in 36 people were diagnosed with ASD.

Some sources project that the incidence rate will increase to 1 in 20 by 2020.  

STARS will be focusing on developing research that aids in lifespan and support services. 

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